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C2PR MEDIA’s illustrious roster of past clients is a testament to our commitment to excellence in public relations and media outreach. Our diverse portfolio features prominent individuals and organizations that have graced the pages of renowned publications establishing a strong presence in media. Additionally, our clients have made impactful appearances on several media outlets showcasing the breadth of our influence in the public relations sphere. At C2PR MEDIA, we take pride in our ability to strategically position our clients for success, securing them coveted spots in the media landscape and ensuring their stories resonate with audiences across various platforms.


Dr. Shree Walker

CEO & Educator, Resilient Walker

Corey Cofield


Michelle Coltrane

Jazz Singer

Zhe Scott

The SEO Queen

The John & Alice Coltrane Home

Quartermain Media

NBA (NBA Allstars 2012)

The SEO Queen

Weave Got the Look

Media Outlets Our Clients Appeared In